About our Busy Bee Teaching Staff

Busy Bee's success has been built over the past 28 years by its outstanding teachers. Our teachers have all of the qualities to make your child's first school experience a perfect, memorable one. They have made a commitment to you, your family and Busy Bee, many of them who have been with Busy Bee for over 15 years.

We are proud of our veteran teachers who bring old school values to complement the new teaching styles of our rookie teachers. It is a philosophy that Busy Bee believes compliments each other creating a perfect balance within the classroom.

Knowledge . Education . Training

Our staff applies their years of teaching experiences as well as family experiences within their classroom. Many of our staff are parents and grandparents.

Our staff is trained in both EEC and Busy Bee regulations and policies, along with practicum training within house by veteran teachers. Staff members must meet and maintain all requirements by both EEC and Busy Bee to be a part of our team.

We strive to keep our staff well educated with the changing of the times, to be current educators in current times. Our staff posses qualities that make our center the best!
  • -- All EEC Qualified
  • -- All have First Aid and CPR
  • -- Receive Busy Bee training / philosophy
  • -- Many have children of their own that attend Busy Bee
  • -- Loving, caring people who enjoy their work
  • -- Complete background and CORI checks many of our staff members have been with us for fifteen years
  • -- We combine mature, experienced, "back to basics" teachers with young, fresh and new school approaches.