Statement of Purpose


To educate is to lend knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and variety in a warm, safe and fun-filled environment. 

At Busy Bee Pre-School, our true desire is to educate all children in all ways. We believe our classrooms provide a combination of both old and new views and are full of creative and motivating ideas. Our classrooms are environments that your child will remember for a lifetime. 

Bee Happy Bee Creative Bee Intelligent Bee Nice
Bee Yourself Bee Expressive Bee Confident Bee Kind
Bee Healthy Bee Inquisitive Bee Inquisitive Bee Giving
Bee Informed Bee Polite Bee Careful Bee Helpful
Bee Proud Bee Fair Bee Honest Bee Your Best
Bee the Best You Can Be Bee Fit Bee Imaginative


We provide a daily curriculum that encourages children to express themselves through creative dramatic play, while at the same time providing academic skills through hands-on experiences that are developmentally appropriate.